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  1. aimaikonata24 Oct 29, 2010

    just join here!i love sakura!???

  2. lunaticbunny Aug 04, 2010

    sugoii team n.n
    one of my favourites anime is Sailor Moon
    I saw it when I was a little children X3

  3. JCzala May 06, 2010

    My Latest Wallpaper:
    A Beautiful Portrait of a Mother and Child

    merged: 06-18-2010 ~ 03:02am
    My Latest Wallpaper:
    Blending In

  4. isolatedjustice Feb 15, 2010

    this group is awesome

  5. whitelighter90 Feb 05, 2010

    Konichiwa,I'm a new member in this group.
    Hope I can share more Magical Girl's artwork with yours.(^-^)

  6. TadaseLover Jan 21, 2010

    That's so cool my favorite magical girl is Hinamori Amu too!

  7. kabe9 Dec 22, 2009

    Hav Seen/Read: CardCaptors (TV n Manga), Shugo Chara (TV n Manga), Magic Knight rayearth (Entire TV 1 n' 2), Sailor Moon (TV),Tokyo Mew Mew (TV randomly), Tokyo mew Mew Ala Mode (Manga 1-3) Jewel Pet (A couple Eps) < sub magical girl
    Fav is Shugo Chara

  8. vampirelover4444 Dec 08, 2009

    isn't that girl from "love monster" manga? anyway, my favorite magic girl is hinamori amu

  9. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Oct 04, 2009

    My newest magical girl-related vector ^^:

  10. IzumiChan Sep 01, 2009

    Welcome to our newest members! :D

  11. Yamionpu Jul 16, 2009

    My Latest Vector-Wall:

  12. Cosmos-chan Jul 10, 2009

    Hi Hi o/
    I'm new at the group

    My Newest Artwork:
    Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshioki Yo

    I wanna know if I can add the banner of the group to other older submissions

  13. JCzala Jul 10, 2009

    My Latest Wallpaper:
    Come Again?

  14. KingdomofHearts Jul 05, 2009

    I stopped coming here cause no one ever they are posting again.....

  15. moonelf313 Jul 04, 2009

    nah...I just have to think of something to get this group going again... LOL

  16. ForeversEndBlackfire Jun 30, 2009

    Even if I tried that, I would do horribly... I'd get last place for sure! Jk...

    merged: 06-30-2009 ~ 09:55pm
    Even if I tried that, I would do horribly... I'd get last place for sure! Jk...

    merged: 06-30-2009 ~ 09:55pm
    Even if I tried that, I would do horribly... I'd get last place for sure! Jk...

  17. JCzala Jun 24, 2009

    My Latest Vector Wallpaper:
    The Cursed Sakura

  18. moonelf313 Jun 14, 2009

    Welcome to all the new members WhisperNana, Cathrain, mangaforever, TadaseLover and ForeversEndBlackfire...i have been such a bad admin...gomen gomen...hopefully now that its summer we can kick it up a notch...maybe a wallpaper contest? X-P with a Summer theme? :D ^_^'

  19. ForeversEndBlackfire Jun 13, 2009

    I love magical girl manga, they're always so funny! :D

  20. TadaseLover Jun 11, 2009

    I love Shugo Chara! it rocks

  21. mangaforever Banned Member Jun 01, 2009

    great group !

  22. MoonangelTsubasA May 24, 2009

    Sorry for posting it late
    this is one of my newest wallpapers
    Amu and Utau's Melody by MoonangelTsubasA

  23. cute-sakura May 14, 2009

    well.. okay.. sorry for late replying

  24. IzumiChan Apr 20, 2009

    cute-sakura: to be truthful, I have no idea... xDDD
    But if you want to give the group a present or something, we'll accept it anytime~ ;)

    We have lots of new members! Welcome, xpaulax, KiaRatT, jojima, ShanaFlare and EchoAgain!~ :D

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